These artifacts collect information related to the windows network.


Address resolution cache, both static and dynamic (from ARP, NDP).

Arg Default Description
wmiQuery SELECT AddressFamily, Store, State, InterfaceIndex …
wmiNamespace ROOT\StandardCimv2
kMapOfState {\n “0”: “Unreachable”,\n “1”: “Incomplete”,\n “2” …
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Network interfaces and relevant metadata.

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Processes with listening (bound) network sockets/ports.

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Show information about open sockets. On windows the time when the socket was first bound is also shown.

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NetstatEnhanced adds addtional data points to the Netstat artifact and enables verbose search options.

Examples include: Process name and path, authenticode information or network connection details.

Arg Default Description
IPRegex .* regex search over IP address fields.
PortRegex .* regex search over port fields.
Family ALL IP version family selection
Type ALL Transport protocol type selection
Status ALL TCP status selection
ProcessNameRegex .* regex search over source process name
ProcessPathRegex .* regex search over source process path
CommandLineRegex .* regex search over source process commandline
HashRegex .* regex search over source process hash
UsernameRegex .* regex search over source process user context
AuthenticodeSubjectRegex .* regex search over source Authenticode Subject
AuthenticodeIssuerRegex .* regex search over source Authenticode Issuer
AuthenticodeVerified ALL Authenticode signiture selection
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