User Interface

Velociraptor is a Digital Forensic and Incident Response tool, and the Velociraptor user interface is the main tool used to create and collect artifacts from endpoints.

The GUI allows for:

  • Interactively collecting artifacts from endpoints.
  • Exporting this collected data for offline analysis.
  • Adding/Removing monitoring rules from all endpoints.
  • Adding automated response rules on the server.
  • Adding new artifacts based on new queries.

The Dashboard

When initially logging into the application, you will be presented with the Dashboard.


The dashboard presents pertinent information about the current deployment:

  1. The number of clients currently connected to the server.
  2. A graph of the server’s CPU and memory footprint.
  3. A graph of the total number of clients connected.

You can choose to view the graphs over the last 1 day, 2 days or week. You can zoom into a time range.

The dashboard is actually an artifact itself called Server.Monitor.Health. You can customize this artifact so the dashboard can display information relevant to your deployment.

The navigation bar is displayed on the left hand side of the window. You can expand it to include descriptions by clicking on the Hamburger Icon at the top left.


There are two sets of options. The first dealing with the server itself, while client specific options require the client to be selected first.

In the following pages we will discuss each specific option and show it can be used.