Our Services

Velocidex Innovations provides timely and innovative consultancy services in the growth field of digital forensics and incident response.  We specialise in helping organisations develop, deploy and manage open source security and incident response tools.  Services that we provide include:


Training and education

Velocidex Innovations provides training and education in digital forensics and incident response tools.  Dr Michael Cohen is an established practitioner and developer of open source tools.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in enterprise scale incident response and the Google Cloud Platform.  Velocidex Innovations offers training for such open source tools as GRR, Rekall and Velociraptor.



Software development

Velocidex Innovations provides custom software development.  Dr Michael Cohen is an experienced software engineer with over 15 years experience designing and implementing software for digital forensics and incident response.



Velocidex Innovations has the experience and know-how to provide innovative, novel solutions.  We offer digital forensic consultancy services and specialise in assisting organisations with security and incident response tools.