Research and Development

At Velocidex Innovations we have the experience and know-how to develop truly novel solutions.

We are actively involved in digital forensics research and development projects.  Dr Michael Cohen contributes to, and maintains, a number of projects with the goal of creating an effective ecosystem of digital forensics tools.  These projects include:

Google GRR – A remote forensic and incident response tool.

Rekall – An advanced memory forensic framework.

Velocifilter – A generic filtering framework in Go.

Velociraptor – An advanced remote agent built on GRR technology.

AFF4 – A standard forensic container format.

Dr Cohen is also a major contributor to publications in the digital forensics field.   He is a member of the Elsevier Digital Investigations Editorial Board and the Digital Forensics Research WorkShop (DFRWS) Technical Program Committee.  He regularly publishes peer reviewed papers in academic journals and at digital forensics conferences.